2016 04 26
This week examiners from different countries will test their driving skills and behaviour in Vilnius streets
Vilnius, 26 April. Tomorrow, a practical seminar of the International Commission for Driver Testing (CIECA) is going to begin. In this seminar, examiners representing the countries of the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA) will do the practical driving and will test the impact of the driver's driving habits to the required driving standard.
The aim of this training is to promote examiners' awareness in order to properly assess the influence of their driving style on examination results.
It is planned that examiners from different countries are going to drive in traffic, carrying a crew of 3 people. While driving, the following two parameters are going to be measured: fuel consumption and the comfort of passengers. Later, after the training, discussions should lead to recommendations for examiners' training.
“Our aim is to reduce the part of the driving test which is determined by individual driving habits. It is important to agree on what we consider good driving,” says Saulius Šuminas, the Deputy Director General of Regitra and a member of the Expert Adviser Group of CIECA, about the aim of the international driving training organised in Vilnius.
The training should help examiners of the entire Europe to bring together the standard of the driver's behaviour required during examination and the real driving of traffic participants which is usual in the country.
30 examiners of the CIECA organization are going to test the EU driving standard in the streets of the capital.
It should be noted that according to the provisions of the Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on driving licenses, the practical training of examiners is mandatory.
Additional information
The state enterprise Regitra has been a member of the International Commission for Driver Testing (CIECA) since 2003.
Since 2011, a Lithuanian representative has been invited and has been actively participating in the activity of the Expert Adviser Group (EAG) of CIECA which, besides other functions, makes audits of examination services of the member states.
Since 2013, the specialists of Regitra have been members of the Theory Test Advisory Group (TAG) of CIECA.