Price List

  • Practical test
    Categories Price with a vehicle of the State Enterprise “Regitra” (EUR) Price with your own vehicle (EUR)
    A, A1, A2 77,90 37,90
    B 41,26 34,54*
    B (96)** 34,54
    B1 (vehicle with a bodywork) 34,54
    B1 (driven as a motorcycle) 37,90
    C 89,54 34,54
    CE 94,54 34,54
    BE, C1, C1E, D1, D1E, D, DE, T 34,54

    * – only when the test is being taken using a vehicle adapted for physical disability
    ** – a vehicle of category B coupled to a trailer with the maximum permissible mass exceeding 750 kg and the maximum permissible mass of the unit is over 3500 kg, but not exceeding 4250 kg.

  • Information for the individuals who failed to attend practical test

    If you failed to attend practical test timely or failed to notify thereof 24 hours in advance, or you have attended timely but did not meet the conditions for the test (did not provide all the necessary documents, did not bring rider's outfit with yourself, etc.), you can repeat test not earlier than after 30 calendar days. If you wish to take test earlier, you must pay the total price for the practical test that you failed to attend.