Storage service

Numerio ženklų saugojimo paslauga

For your convenience, the enterprise provides the service of vehicle registration number plates storage.

  • What do we accept for storage?

    We accept for storage:


    • new vehicle registration number plates ordered by you;
    • vehicle registration number plates of the vehicle that is being deregistered that you already have, that you plan to use on the other vehicle that is being registered in your name.
  • Storage period and fee

    "Regitra" stores free of charge the new number plates ordered for 1 year. To extend the storage period, the fee for a period of 1 year is 6.66 EUR.

    NOTE. When the storage period of the number plates ends and is not extended, the number plates are destroyed, but the person my apply for making number plates anew. The price of the service is 6.66 EUR + 7.20 EUR.

  • How to order?

    You can order the storage service at the branches that register vehicles.


    You have to provide at "Regitra":


    •  your personal identity card or passport;
    • vehicle registration number plates.