I am planning to purchase a vehicle (purchase-sale contract)

  • Tips on how to avoid problems/ fraud and purchase a reliable car

    Check and save the information


    • Verify to find out whether the car you are going to purchase has the owner declaration code (SDK). This is very important because without this code it will not be possible to register or sell the car. Click HERE to verify if the SDK is valid.  
    • If you are planning to purchase a car already registered in Lithuania, then verify to find out if no restrictions are imposed on it, for example, whether or not the car is seized or pledged. After entering the vehicle data, you will see its detailed description and restrictions imposed on it. Click HERE to verify.
    • You can verify in the database supervised by the Police Department whether or not the vehicle registered in Lithuania is sought by police.
    • If you are purchasing a car as per sales advertisement, make sure to save it. It is a public offer which may contain important information, for example, that the car has no defects. In the event of a dispute, this can become important evidence that the seller has withheld information.


    Capture the fact of money transfer in writing


    • Include a clause in the purchase-sale contract saying that the money for the vehicle was received/ paid, or specify a payment method – how and within what timeframes the payment will be made.
    • If payment for the car is made in cash and in instalments, each time make a written record to capture the fact of the transfer of money (a Deed of Transfer-Acceptance certified by the signatures of the parties).


    Other useful tips


    • Estimate the selling price of the vehicle. If the value of the vehicle is lower than the market value, this may indicate that the car may have defects.
    • Before signing the contract, make sure the seller hands over to you all documents of the vehicle, and two sets of ignition keys.
    • It is recommended to take the car you are purchasing to experts for inspection.
  • How to fill in the purchase-sale contract correctly?
    • Never allow yourself to be persuaded not to sign a contract because it is a document that protects your interests.
    • Make sure you are signing a contract with the real owner of the vehicle or with a person legally authorized by the owner.
    • Use a model purchase-sale contract of "Regitra".
    • The owner declaration code (SDK) is recommended to be entered in the contract.
    • Always check that the contract contains correct data about the seller, car price, mileage, various defects and other important things.
    • Pay extra attention to making adequate records of the car defects: damage to the body, chassis, engine, etc. Require the seller to enter all defects in the contract, because if you will later notice that there are defects in the car that were not recorded in the contract, you will be able to claim compensation.
  • Purchase-sale contract form
    Purchase-sale contract.docx (42 KB)
    Purchase-sale contract.pdf (142.8 KB)