Here are the tips below to be considered at the time of purchase or sale of the vehicle:

  • the standard sales agreement of “Regitra” should be used;
  • it is necessary to indicate particulars (price, the particulars of the purchaser and of the seller), mileage, defects of the vehicle or other important information in the agreement;
  • to add a clause to the agreement stating that the money for the vehicle has been received/paid or the agreement must specify the method of payment;
  • if the payment for the vehicle is made in cash and in instalements, the record of the fact of money transfer must be made each time in writing (the transfer-acceptance act signed by the parties).

Following these steps helps avoid misunderstandings, and in the event of a dispute you will have unequivocal proofs.


Sales agreement.docx (29.5 KB)
Sales agreement.pdf (147.5 KB)